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Ahmic Lake, Magnetawan

Ahmic Lake

One of the most sought after lakes in the area, Ahmic is a large, rugged and beautiful. With almost 4000 acres and 69 km of lakeshore this waterway has a true Muskoka feel with granite outcroppings, miles of undeveloped shoreline & low cottage density.

Ahmic Lake Listings

Bear Lake cottage

Bear Lake

Bear Lake is a mid sized lake located just east of Sprucedale at the south end of Parry Sound district. A relatively shallow lake with a maximum depth of 6.7 meters, Bear has just over 14 kms of rugged shoreline. It’s a favourite fishing lake for many locals for large & small mouth bass, pike & walleye

Bear Lake Listings

Lake Bernard Sundridge

Bernard Lake

Located by Sundridge, Lake Bernard is very large with over 5000 acres making it the largest island free fresh water lake in the world. It’s also very deep with a maximum depth of over 150’ making it good for lake trout.

Bernard Lake Listings

Cottage on Blackstone Lake, Parry Sound

Blackstone Lake

Low cottage density & 40% of the waterfront being crown make Blackstone Lake exceptional. Many of the properties are water access with few drive-to cottages available. It’s just over 1200 acres with nine islands & beautiful varied shoreline.

Blackstone Lake Listings
Lake Cecebe Cottage, Magnetawan

Cecebe Lake

Part of the Ahmic lake chain, Cecebe is a large lake at 1900 acres with 32 km of lakeshore. Cecebe cottagers can boat to Magnetawan for shopping and restaurants or take the Magnetawan River to Burk’s Falls.

Cecebe Lake Listings

Clear Lake cottage near Parry Sound

Clear Lake - Kearney

Clear Lake a mid sized lake connected to Little & Big Whitefish Lakes just south of Parry Sound in Sequin township. Water levels are controlled by the dam on Whitefish which helps limit water fluctuations.

Clear Lake - Kearney Listings

Whitefish Lake cottage near Parry Sound

Clear & Whitefish Lakes

Located south of Parry Sound in Seguin township, beautiful Big & Little Whitefish lakes are mid sized waterways connected to Clear Lake giving miles of shoreline to explore. Big Whitefish has a large shoal near the middle which is popular with snorkelers.

Clear & Whitefish Lakes Listings

Crane Lake waterfront, Parry Sound area

Crane Lake

Crane Lake is a mid sized lake with over 50 kms of gorgeous rugged shoreline located south of Parry Sound. Fed by the Blackstone river, you can canoe to Blackstone Lake & Georgian Bay, about 9 miles away.

Crane Lake Listings

Crawford Lake, Magnetawan

Crawford Lake

Crawford Lake is the most westerly of the Ahmic 5 lake chain. Known for good bass fishing, it's somewhat shallower then surronding waterways. Crawford tends to have more seasonal cottages & less year round waterfront homes.

Crawford Lake Listings

Deer Lake - Katrine

Located just outside Katrine, Deer Lake, also known as Nulty Lake, is just over 300 acres and has a maximum depth of 8.5 meters. It has moderate cottage density and 2% of it's area is crown land.

Deer Lake - Katrine Listings

Deer Lake, South River

Deer Lake - South River

Deer Lake is located in the unorganised township of Lount making it very popular with people wanting to build as there are no building permits required. Known for it's low cottage density, large lot sizes and privacy, this is a good choice for those that want to "get away from it all"

Deer Lake - South River Listings

Doe Lake waterfront, Katrine Ontario

Doe Lake - Big

Known locally as Big, Middle & Little Doe lakes this popular large chain is located between Burk’s Falls & Huntsville near Katrine. Part of the Magnetawan River system, the water level is regulated at Watts Dam.

Doe Lake - Big Listings

Doe Lake cottage, Katrine

Doe Lake - Little

Known locally as Big, Middle & Little Doe lakes this popular large chain is located between Burk’s Falls & Huntsville near Katrine. Part of the Magnetawan River system, the water level is regulated at Watts Dam. A popular camping lake, its home to the Ontario Girl Guide camp. With many year round roads, there are many waterfront homes as well as cottages on Doe lake

Doe Lake - Little Listings

Eagle Lake cottage, South River Ontario

Eagle Lake

Found just outside South River in Machar township, near the north end of Parry Sound District, Eagle lake is a mid sized lake at 2330 acres. Home to popular Mikisew Park, Eagle Lake boosts 10% if its lakeshore crown land. Rocky & rugged, the waterfront is coveted by cottagers for it’s fishing & great public beach found at the narrows.

Eagle Lake Listings

Fairy Lake cottages, Muskoka

Fairy Lake

The pride of Huntsville, Fairy Lake is one of Muskoka’s four connected lakes including Peninsula Lake, Lake Vernon & Mary Lake offering miles of boating. 1727 acres in size with 24 kms of lakeshore.

Fairy Lake Listings

Fairy Lake cottages, Muskoka

Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay is unequalled for it's incredible rugged beauty.From remote private islands to year round homes, this amazing waterway has something for everyone. With virtually unlimited boating oportunities and hundreds of miles of shoreline to explore, it's hard to resist.

Horn Lake, Burk's Falls

Horn Lake

Much sought after, mid sized Horn Lake known for its clean spring fed water, beautiful granite & Pine shoreline with a true Muskoka feel. Environmentally important, it’s frozen to future development with no new waterfront lots allowed to be created.

Horn Lake Listings

Horseshoe Lake cottages, Parry Sound

Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake, just south of Parry Sound, has 31 kms of lakeshore & is just over 900 acres in size. There are both cottages & year round waterfront homes on Horseshoe and it’s classified as “at development capacity” by Seguin township. Under a 2 hour drive from Toronto, Horseshoe is a very popular vacation destination.

Horseshoe Lake Listings
Jack Lake, Burk's Falls

Jack Lake

Located just outside Burk's Falls, Jack Lake is a smaller lake with a surface area of 232 acres & is 5% crown land. It has a maximum depth of 4 meters and there is no acces foe the public which limits boat traffic.

Jack Lake Listings

Lake Joseph cottages, Muskoka

Lake Joseph

The quid essential Muskoka Lake, Joseph is one of the most sought cottage areas in Ontario. Located in Sequin township, it shores include the villages of Port Carling, Port Sandfield, Minett & Mactier.

Lake Joseph Listings

Kahshe Lake, Muskoka

Kahshe Lake

Kahshe is an absolutely gorgeous lake located in south Muskoka. It's granite outcroppings and windswept pines give it a rugged beauty. Many of the cottages are water access with two marinas serving the waterway

Kahshe Lake Listings

Lake of Bays, Muskoka

Lake of Bays

Located in the north east corner of Muskoka, Lake of Bays, at 16753 acres, is a very large & interesting lake. Fed mainly by the Oxtougue River it boosts many islands including the largest, Bigwin.

Lake of Bays Listings

Lake Muskoka

Lake Muskoka

Lake Muskoka is located between Port Carling and Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada. The lake is surrounded by many cottages. The lake is primarily within the Township of Muskoka Lakes, with the southeast corner in the Town of Gravenhurst.

Lake Muskoka Listings

Lorimer Lake, Parry sound

Lorimer Lake

Lorimer Lake, at just over 1200 acres, is a mid sized lake attached to Grey Owl just outside Parry Sound. Part of the Sequin and Manitouwabing watershed, water level are controlled by a dam on Grey Owl. There is 37.2 kms of lakefront with medium cottage density. Game fish include bass, pike, lake trout & perch.

Lorimer Lake Listings
Lake Manitouwabing cottages

Manitouwabing Lake

Just 12 miles from Parry Sound, Lake Manitouwabing boosts some beautiful luxury homes & cottages on its 94 kms of shoreline. Originally 3 smaller lakes, the Hurdville dam was built a century ago creating the waterway’s present 3000 acre form.

Manitouwabing Lake Listings

Mill Lake, Parry Sound

Mill Lake

Part of the Sequin watershed, Mill Lake has 29.3 kms. of beautiful lakeshore and is 1529 acres in size. The Mill Lake dam, regulated by Parry Sound Power, controls the water levels. With its proximity to Parry Sound, there are many year round waterfront homes as well as seasonal cottages on the lake.

Mill Lake Listings

Lake Muskoka

Lake Muskoka

One of Ontario's most popular lakes, Lake Muskoka boasts 269kms. of beautiful shoreline and is over 1200 hectares in size. Part of the "Big Three", it's picture perfect landscapes command a premium price. It's many islands include Acton, Browning, Tonderson and Bala Park.

Lake Muskoka Listings

Otter Lake, Parry Sound

Otter Lake

Big & Little Otter lakes are medium sized lakes found just south of Parry Sound in Seguin. The 38 kms of waterfront have a medium cottage density with just over 500 cottages. Both the CNR & CP rail lines go past Otter, one by the narrows and one at the north end. The “Long Arm” is a long bay to the west & “Little Long Arm” protrudes to the east. Under 2 hours drive from Toronto.

Otter Lake (Big) Listings

Pickerel Lake, Burk's Falls

Pickerel Lake

Just a 10 minute drive from Burk's Falls, Pickerel Lake is over 1200 acres with moderate cottage density 6% crown land. It has 14.8 kms. of shoreline and is quite deep with a maximum depth of 38 meters.

Pickerel Lake Listings

Poverty Bay, Magnetawan

Poverty Bay

Poverty Bay, located near Magnetawan, is a long winding waterway that's a wide area of the Magnetawan River. Popular for kayaking & canoeing, water levels can change a great deal dependinging on season.

Poverty Bay Listings
Rankin Lake cottages

Rankin Lake

Rankin is a smaller lake at just over 340 acres, located just outside Parry Sound in Sequin township. The varied shoreline is 13.4 kms long with reasonable cottage density. Both large & small mouth bass as well as northern pike are the main sport fish. There is also a nice public beach & park. Rankin is just under a 2 hour drive from Toronto.

Rankin Lake Listings

Lake Rosseau, Muskoka

Rosseau Lake

Over 60 picturesque islands dot beautiful Lake Rosseau, the largest being Tobin. The charming village of Rosseau, with its shops & cafes, is at the northern tip. At 15790 acres & 151 kms of lakefront, it’s one of Muskoka’s largest lakes.

Rosseau Lake Listings

Sand Lake, Kearney Ontario

Sand Lake

Part of the Magnetawan river system, Sand Lake is well named with a good portion of the shallow waters having a sandy bottom. There are 2 islands, Blueberry & Emerald on its 1433 acres. The 12.2 kms of lakefront can range from granite heights to beach. Close to Kearney & Algonquin Park, Sand Lake has mostly seasonal cottages with a few year round homes.

Sand Lake Listings

Skeleton Lake cottages, Muskoka

Skeleton Lake

Thought to be created by a meteorite impact, spring fed Skeleton lake is 100 meters deep in the centre and is known to be exceptionally clear. A dam controls the water level of this large lake which flows to Skeleton Bay on Lake Rosseau. There are 2 beautiful public use islands, Hog’s Back & Andersons island which is known for great cliff jumping.

Skeleton Lake Listings

Star Lake waterfront, Parry sound

Star Lake

Located in Seguin, just south of Parry Sound, Star Lake is a smaller lake at 390 acres and has 10 kms of waterfront. The maximum water depth is 22.6 meters with a mean depth of 9.3 meters and is home to bass, lake trout, perch, pike & whitefish. There tend to be more seasonal cottages with fewer year round homes on Star Lake.

Star Lake Listings
Three Mile Lake, Burks Falls

Three Mile Lake - Burks Falls

Just 30 minutes north of Huntsville, 3 Mile Lake is 889 acres in size with 12.7 kms of lakeshore. There are some year round waterfront homes but the majority of the lake is cottages, many seasonal. A shallow lake with a mean depth of 4 meters, Three Mile is home to brook trout, pike, bass, burot & walleye.

Three Mile Lake - Burks Falls Listings

Three Mile Lake, Utterson

Three Mile Lake - Utterson

With a surface area of 2142 acres, 3 Mile Lake is located outside Utters in the Township of Muskoka Lake. Fairly shallow with a mean depth of 3.5 meters, Three Mile Lake has about 616 cottages & waterfront homes making it average cottage density in Muskoka. There is a great lake association whose mandate is to keep the lake healthy.

Three Mile Lake - Utterson Listings

Wahwashkesh Lake cottages, Parry Sound

Wahwashkesh Lake

A very large rugged lake, Wahwashkesh is over 4200 acres with low cottage density & many water access properties on its 106 km shoreline. 30% of the lakefront is crown land adding to it’s popularity as a low development lake.

Wahwashkesh Lake Listings

Waseosa Lake

A well known lake just outside Huntsville, Waseosa is 385 acres in size with 12 kms of true Muskoka shoreline. Closed to new development for many years, almost 1/3 of the lake is year round waterfront homes with the remainder in cottages. Relatively shallow, it has an average depth of about 20’ and contains rainbow trout, brook trout, lake trout & bass.

Waseosa Lake Listings

Whalley Lake Magnetawan

Whalley Lake

Whalley lake is a smaller waterway at 234 acres & is found just outside Magnetawan, Known for some of the best large & small mouth bass fishing in the area, Whalley lake has many seasonal cottages with a few year round waterfront homes.

Whalley Lake Listings

Whitefish Lake, Parry Sound

Clear & Whitefish Lakes

Located south of Parry Sound in Seguin township, beautiful Big & Little Whitefish lakes are mid sized waterways connected to Clear Lake giving miles of shoreline to explore. Big Whitefish has a large shoal near the middle which is popular with snorkelers.

Clear & Whitefish Lakes Listings

Whitestone Lake from the air , Parry Sound District

Whitestone Lake

Spring fed Whitestone lake, found between Parry Sound & Magnetawan, is a mid sized lake dotted with islands and flanks the town of Dunchurch on two sides. Over 1700 acres in size it boosts a varied & rugged topography. It boosts 10% of the lakeshore as crown land

Whitestone Lake Listings