Muskoka Parry Sound Real Estate LawyersAn important part of the proccess when purchasing or selling real estate is the choice of lawyers. They, along with your local real estate agent, will guide you through the buying and selling proccess.

Purchasing waterfront real estate in Muskoka is not the same as buying a condo in Toronto. There are complex rules and regulations at both the municipal and provincial levels that can have a huge inpact on your investment.

Here's a handy list of law firms that service the Parry Sound and Muskoka regions. They are local and know the area which can be critical in the decision making process. 

Nathailie Tinti - Muskoka
Nathailie offers exceptional service for all aspects of real estate, corporate & municipal law. She is locally-recognized by agents, planners and surveyors for her knowledge and ability to remedy complex title-related matters. When it comes to issues surounding waterfront properties such as Shore Road Allowances, boat houses and access, Nathailie is our go-to professional.

Contact Nathailie Tinti @ 705 645 5211

Oldham Law - Parry Sound & Burk's Falls

With offices in both Parry Sound and Burk's Falls, they offer complete legal services including Family Law, Civil Litigation, Corporate, Wills & Real Estate. They have a great team in place with many years of experience and excellent customer service.

Contact Howard Oldham @ 705 746 8852

The Miller Law Group - Huntsville

Located in downtown Huntsville, Miller Law is very familiar with the Muskoka region and can guide you thougout the process. They have a firm grasp of the nuances surrounding real estate law in cottage country which can differ significantly from other areas of Ontario. A full service office with a very professional, compitant staff.

Contact John Dooley @ 705 789 0400

Terry Fraser - Parry Sound

Operating out of Parry Sound, Terry Fraser has been looking after clients Real Estate needs as well as all other aspects of law for many years. Terry very knowledeble with the area and surrounding townships and can help with everything from a basic property puchase to more complicated situations involving severances, zoning changes and commercial real estate.

Contact Terry Fraser @ 705 746 7577