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The Definitive Guide to Trick or Treating in the Magnetawan Area

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Blog by John & Bonnie Fincham, Brokers | October 22nd, 2015

thefinchams.ca: The Definitive Guide to Trick or Treating in the Magnetawan Area

Step One: Costume Appropriately

October 31st can be a chilly time in Parry Sound Muskoka. Some years there is even (dun dun duun) snow. Because of our frigid temps you're going to want to make sure your munchkins are bundled up nicely. We're talking costumes that can be layered over snowsuits or sweaters, people. Here are a few potential options.
thefinchams.ca: Potential Halloween Costumes for Trick or Treating in Parry Sound Muskoka

1. Adorable Pikachu
2. Adorable Youngling Jedi
3. Adorable Tiny Fireman
4. Adorable Supergirl (this is actually so cute please pick this one)
5. Adorable Cow 
6. Adorable Witch or Wizard in Training (sorted into the appropriate house, of course)

What's that? You've got a baby? I've got you covered.

Step Two: Choose a Swag Bag

There is no wrong answer to what is an appropriate candy hoarding device. Pillowcase? Sure. Reusable grocery bag? Go for it. Tiny plastic Jack-o-lantern? Tiny, but whatever.

Step Three: Pick Your Town

I'm going to level with you, this one is important. The thing about the Almaguin Highlands is our towns are small and your time is limited. We can't hit up every town, so we've got to be choosy. Your first thought might be to trick or treat in the town with the highest population. This thought is wrong. Here's a pro / con list to help you out.


Pro: Trick or Treat at our office!! We've got a nice stockpile of candy and our costumes are planned. Don't even get me started on our decorations.
Pro: The Lions Club hosts a fabulous Halloween party for kids at the community centre!
Con: Just kidding, there are no cons to trick or treating in Magnetawan.

Burk's Falls

Pro: Lions Club Halloween party at the Legion! :D
Pro: Slightly higher population than Magnetawan, so potentially more houses.
Con: Not Magnetawan.


Pro: The Recreation Committee is hosting the Halloween Haunt at the Dunchurch Hall!
Pro: There are some supremely decorated houses in Dunchurch.
Con: Also not Magnetawan.

Step Four: Profit

Remember: you are totally allowed to eat your kids' candy while they sleep. You've earned it.