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Magnetawan Waterway Information

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Blog by John & Bonnie Fincham, Brokers | April 15th, 2013

Lake Cecebe

With over fourty miles of boating along it, the beautiful Magnetawan River Waterway is the largest connected lake system in the Almaguin area. The waterway connects the Magnetawan River, Lake Cecebe, Ahmic Lake, Crawford Lake, and Neighick (Beaver) Lake. There is a small lochs system in the village of Magnetawan, which allows boaters to move between Ahmic Lake and Cecebe.


Ahmic Lake has a surface area of approximately 3917 acres. Ahmic is 89 feet at its deepest point. There are two public access points to the lake and numerous private. Crown Land makes up about 5% of the shoreline of Ahmic.


Lake Cecebe has a surface area is about 1903 acres. Cecebe is much shallower than Ahmic, only 63.98 feet at its deepest. There are four public access points to Cecebe. Approximately 1% of the shoreline is Crown Land. There are about 211 cottages on Cecebe.




There are many campgrounds and resorts along the Magnetawan River Waterway. On Ahmic Lake the most famous are Chikopi (boys camp) and Ak-O-Mak (girls camp), competitive swim camps. Ahmic Lake Resort, Quiet Bay Log Motel & Cafe, and Camp Kahquah are also wonderful places to stay on Ahmic. Camp Klahanie is built on Neighick Lake. Lake Cecebe features Lighthouse Landing Camp, Birchwood Camp, Woodland Echoes, and Maijac Cottages and Marine.




In Cecebe you will find mostly walleye, small mouth bass, perch and pike. The deeper Ahmic has both large and small mouth bass, northern pike and walleye, whitefish, and jumbo perch.


The Magnetawan River Waterway is a beautiful place to work and play.