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Muskoka Real Estate | How to Prepare Your Cottage for a Spring Sale

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Blog by John & Bonnie Fincham, Brokers | January 14th, 2016

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Selling your cottage in Parry Sound or Muskoka is a different kettle of fish than selling a city home. Here is a short list with some tips for preparing your cottage before signing the listing paperwork.

1. Deep Clean
A thorough clean will help your cottage photograph and display better when it comes time to sell. Go through the clutter that has accumulated in the bedrooms and the kitchen cupboards, scrub those windows (inside and out, please), clean the siding and wash those grimey blinds. 

2. Finish Your Projects
Do you have a tap that drips? How about a small pile of flooring that you've been meaning to lay down? Perhaps the steps to the water need some paint or replacing. Now is the time to finish up the odds and ends!

3. Create an Inclusions List
If you are downsizing and selling the cottage you may make the family who purchases your cottage very happy by including the canoe. Decide ahead of time what is staying and what is going to avoid headaches later on.

4. Gather Your Documents
A potential buyer is going to want a few things like septic paperwork, well documentation, and appliance manuals.

5. Air Out the Place
Musty smells are bound to happen when your cottage has been closed up for the winter. When cleaning be sure to open the windows wide to help air the cottage. Consider removing the sunbleached curtain set that has slowly been decaying over the years. You know the one.

6. Mow That Yard
Not just the yard, mind you. Channel your inner landscaper and start a weed-wacking. Keep the area around your dock tidy and be sure to put down grass seed on any areas that need it.

7. Obtain an Opinion of Value
Heck, get three. An accurate - and honest - opinion of value from a broker or sales representative will help when it comes time to write up the listing paperwork.

If you need any more information the process of selling your home or cottage we're happy to help. You can call us to chat or to arrange a time that might work for you later. Our Magnetawan office is also open six days a week if you're in the area and want to drop by. :)