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Great Cottage Reads

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Blog by John & Bonnie Fincham, Brokers | April 8th, 2017

Cottage BooksRainy days in the cottage and sunny days at the beach may not seem like they have much in common. However, both are prime opportunities to catch up on all of the reading you miss during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. One amazing aspect of spending time in cottage country is the opportunity to take a break from technology. Books by Canadian authors are a great way to learn more about Canadian history, explore more of Canada with your mind’s eye, or leap into a fictional journey that takes place nearby.

If you enjoy learning about Canadian History, these are the books for you.

The Promise of Canada- Charlotte Gray
This book from awarding winning author, Charlotte Gray, gives a look at how Canada has changed over the years and the people who have changed it.
Canada Year by Year- Elizabeth Macleod
In this book, Elizabeth Macleod writes a chronological history of Canada. She outlines ten distinct eras in Canada’s 150 years of independence and covers a wide range of subjects.

Canada- Mike Myers
Beloved Canadian Mike Myers gives a comedic look at Canadian history. This book outlines his journey to discover what makes this country so great.
The following books are perfect for those interested in classic fiction written by great Canadian authors.
The Blind Assassin- Margaret Atwood
From the famous mind of Margaret Atwood comes a work of historical fiction that takes place in Canada. Our main protagonist, Iris Chase, tells the story of her life. This book has been nominated for several awards and has won the Booker Prize and the Hammett Prize.

A Complicated Kindness- Miriam Toews
Sixteen-year-old Nomi Nickel lives in a small Mennonite town based off of the author’s hometown in Manitoba. This story follows her and her dream to go to New York City. This novel has won a grand total of nine awards.

Fifteen Dogs- André Alexis
In Toronto Ontario, lives a group of dogs that are gifted with human consciousness and language. If you’re a lover of dogs and Canadian fiction, this is the perfect book.

If you want to dive into a novel that takes outside of Canada but still want to promote Canadian Authors, these books are for you.
The Book of Negroes- Lawrence Hill
Based off of a historical document, this book tells the real tale of a girl kidnapped from her village in West Africa. It has one several awards and is now a television mini-series.

Life of Pi- Yann Martel
Now an award winning movie, Yann Martel tells us the tale of a young boy from India that ends up with nothing but a boat and a tiger. This is a book that belongs on everyone’s must-read list.

The Lonely Hearts Hotel- Heather O’Neil
This brand-new book by Heather O’Neil is set in both Montreal and New York. It’s perfect for those with a love of love stories and sense of adventure.

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Happy Reading!

Blog by Meagan Fincham