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Reasons to Love Magnetawan #4

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Blog by John & Bonnie Fincham, Brokers | July 30th, 2011

Two of the reasons to love Magnetawan burned to the ground in the early hours of Saturday, July 30th: the Downtown General Store and the Magnetawan Inn Restaraunt. Flames moved swifty, engulfing both buildings with a heat so intense it melted the rims off of nearby cars and the siding on buildings across the street. Fireworks, which were sold at the General Store, could be seen going off periodically through windows and into the surronding area. Due to the great efforts of the Magnetawan Volunteer Fire Department, with the aid of surrounding departments, the fires were prevented from spreading further throughout the town. Thankfully, no one was badly injurred.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the many families affected - owners, employees, and patrons.