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When Buying Muskoka Parry Sound Real Estate Think Like A Vulcan

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Blog by John & Bonnie Fincham, Brokers | February 23rd, 2013



Canoe on Ahmic Lake            

Picture this. You have been searching for your perfect Cottage in Muskoka and the frustration levels are mounting. Too big, too small, too weedy or just plain ugly. Then it happens. You drive in and there it is. You know it’s The One even before you open the front door. Quaint, private, great little beach for the kids and the rocker on the porch is exactly the same as Grandma’s was. As you walk through and see the cozy fireplace you can just picture yourself curled up on the porch swing having your morning coffee. It becomes clear, you want it. But wait, there’s more. The Real Estate Agent says it’s new to the market, had lots of action already and might not last long. After a brief discussion an offer is drawn up with very few conditions so it will be more appealing to the seller and sent off. That night you can hardly sleep as visions of sand castles, barbecues and bass dance through you head. Then the phone rings. It’s yours. Grandma’s rocker is safe.

     Now fast forward a month. Anticipation has mounted as you get ready for your first weekend at your very own Muskoka cottage. The weather isn’t perfect, a little wet, but you refuse to let that dampen the mood. As you pull down the lane you notice the water running off the driveway seems to be heading straight towards the cottage. Strange, you didn’t notice that elevation issue before. Well unpacking you hear a drip. Then another. Not a good sign. You discover that those quaint cedar shakes on the roof that looked so good may not be as nifty as you first thought. Let’s find a pot for the drips. That’s fine; a nice warm fire is the answer. After repeated attempts to light it, several burnt fingers and enough smoke in the cottage to cure bacon you decide that perhaps the fire can wait. Not that it matters, because you find out later from your insurance company you can’t use it anyway, it won’t pass their inspection. Well chin up, you will settle for that cup of coffee on the porch swing. Except the swing’s is not there. It wasn’t written in the offer as an inclusion. And when you plugged in the coffee maker most of the cottages at that end of the lake went dark. What has gone wrong?

Perhaps the property brought back fond childhood memories, the drive to start your own with your kids or maybe even Grandma’s rocker was your undoing. The overwhelming combination of Buyer Fatigue and an emotional connection come together in such a formidable way that caution can be thrown to the wind. It’s the very point that when rose colored glasses come on that common sense can leech away like a bad septic. Don’t get me wrong, when you are buying a cottage it needs to feel right but ultimately common sense must rule the day. Take a deep breath and look at it through Spock’s eyes. It may just save you a world of hurt.

Live long and prosper.

John Fincham, Broker

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