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Selling Your Cottage? 5 Low Cost Tips

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Blog by John & Bonnie Fincham, Brokers | June 26th, 2013

When we create new Real Estate Listings in Muskoka Parry Sound, one of the most frequent questions we are asked by the sellers is what they can do to make the property more saleable and where they get the best return on investment on Home Improvement. There are countless articles written on this subject but we have found most of them are for larger urban centers and don’t necessarily apply to Cottage Country Real Estate. A $35,000 kitchen renovation on $180,000 home in Magnetawan just doesn’t make sense. There is also the risk that the alterations you do will have no benefits to the potential purchasers. With this in mind we have put together a list of what we feel are the top 5 Low Cost things you can do that will help you sell your Home or Cottage.

1.       De Clutter!!! This is probably one of the most obvious yet constantly overlooked things you can do and it costs nothing but time.  After a while we can become complacent and don’t even realise the extent of the stuff we’ve collected. In a 2011 Survey of almost 600 Real Estate Agents this was the number one home improvement they thought was important. It was estimated it would increase the home’s value by an average of $1990 for this one simple step.  That stack of empties in the corner of the boat house needs to go.

2.       Paint – The kids may have painted their bedrooms wild colours when they were teenagers so a gallon of neutral tone paint will do wonders. They cost of painting the interior of an average home or cottage was estimated at $1000.00 by one survey. The results? Not only is the property more saleable but the value when sold went up an average of $2112.00.

3.       Clean Well – Another one that should be obvious but there it just doesn’t go over well when the windows are filthy and the cat litter needs cleaning out. In another study it was found that a home that smelled like smoke sold for 20% less than one that didn’t! Scrub.

4.       Tidy up Outside – Get out the gardening gloves. Sometimes we are so focused on the home itself we fail to think about the lot. A few hours working on the landscaping can give a great first impression before they even open the front door. 93 % of Realtor’s surveyed recommended this as an essential thing to do to sell your property. If it's cottage real estate your selling don't forget the waterfront.

5.       Decks and Docks – Decks and Docks sell Cottages. When people come up purchase Recreational Properties they need to be able to picture themselves sitting on the deck drinking their morning coffee while the sun comes up not scrapping old paint off and re staining them. Take a few minutes and hammer those nails down that stick out and put a few screws in to stiffen up that railing.  If there is a board or two that needs replacing, do it. Nothing puts a damper on a cottage showing like losing a client through a rotten deck board.